Showcase your singing talent!

Recording on a karaoke track is the easiest way to showcase your singing talent!

  • Select the song, find it on YouTube or on any karaoke provider’s website
  • Practice the song at home or during your everyday activities
  • Arrange a time with Csapo Studios, we record you, correct the singing mistakes and make it sound professional
  • You can take the track home on a CD or a flash drive immediately


The best custom made present!

Would you like to give a special present to your family members, colleagues or friends? A song is something never fades! Select a karaoke song that you want to record, customize the lyrics of the song, add in something, like “Happy Birthday Mary”, “You are the love of my life Suzie” or “For my little Johnnie”.
They will be amazed with the present of their life!

Record a video for the song

We record you singing in front of a green screen, which means we can place you anywhere, even in the space! Check out our youtube chanel with our karaoke green screen videos! For more information about videos, click here.

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