Gig Recording

We can record your performance with our multi camera setup with pristine sound quality to showcase it on Youtube and other websites. You can also opt in for live streaming.

Live Streaming

Bring your show or event to a wider audience with live streaming. We can bring our multi camera setup to the venue and stream your show with great audio quality!

Green Screen Videos

Imagine yourself in the space or at the Himalaya! With our green screen technology this is all possible! We record you in Dublin in front of a green screen and change the background to any video or picture. This studio technique is used from news channels to Hollywood movies worldwide and now available to you!

Underwater footage

Underwater drones provides us with the possibilities to cost effectively record clear footage underwater. We do visual inspections of hulls and propellers of ships and boats and also could record underwater footage of anything you choose. Click here for more information

Event recording

We are ready with our multi camera setup to record your event with pristine audio quality. Click here for more information

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